Working during a figure drawing butoh performance I became enamored with the set the dancers constructed. Specifically, I watched the heirloom bed they used as a central piece of the stage transform with the energy of their performance. They moved on, over, under and around it for the entirety of the live session. The dancers also used a piece of silk fabric that captured their kinetic movement, and as the session wound down it laid on the bed holding on to the intensity of their performance.

Transfixed throughout the live drawing session I watched the dancers use the bed to create and interact with many different environments. After I left, I continued to have visions of the performance and of the heirloom bed. My visions took me on a journey and these pieces are representative of the experience.

This body of work was created with acrylic, gouache, paper, ink, ink transfer, pastel, and my own photography. Using mixed media helps to both enhance the expression of ideas and the sensuality of my dreamscapes.